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Case study from Storbildsbolaget

Added by Sharon Mordey on May, 11, 2017

Harnessing their own extensive large and wide format manufacturing capability; they are steeped in knowledge and know how in all aspects of producing and installing quality environmentally friendly, outdoor advertising and images incorporating ISO 9001 and 14001 industry standards.

Their services include all forms of Digital print, to include Point of Sale campaigns, Graphics, Exhibition displays and Signage. In the Nordic markets they have built an impressive and broad client list including numerous high street retail brands; and have a consistent reputation for quality, speed and innovation.

In 2012 having experienced steady and consistent growth since the company’s inception in 1993, but realising that bigger premises and more people were not the only way to grow his business; Jonas Hellke, Owner and Managing Director set on a quest to explore the MIS market specifi cally for Wide Format production.

Hellke states ”I had a vision of creating a commercial advantage for Storbildsbolaget using automation to streamline the process of taking enquiries on the phone; and within the same conversation, quoting, booking the job in and potentially raising the invoice in minutes. I also wanted greater speed and visibility of my distribution; as well as reliable data that I trusted to categorise the profi tability of my different clients”.

Hellke continues “My own exploration of the Nordic software markets at the time drew a blank on fi nding an MIS system that would truly work for us. We wanted a fl exible, confi gurable and process led MIS software package for all that we produce; I didn’t want more work arounds based on offset litho rules! I wanted to infl uence the business rules of automation specifi cally for my market. Where necessary, I have always been prepared to look outside of our immediate environment for new technology and solutions if I felt that could enable our business to move forward; with that mindset and after some initial research, we headed to Barcelona for FESPA Digital 2012. This is where we took a detailed look at the Optimus dash MIS system which immediately caught my attention”.

“The dash system was truly the fi rst system we came across that gave me the confi dence to think they could properly handle all of our substrates and processes the way my business operated. At that time our capability was based on machinery that could print 5m wide and up to 100m long without having to splice and included a range of specialist fi nishing; all of which I and my team could see, theory stated.... could be comprehensively catered for by confi guring the Optimus dash MIS”.

“After further meetings and Optimus investing the time to come and visit us at our Helsingborg premises, we actually signed up to invest in software and services from Optimus at Drupa 2012 and finally going live with the system in 2013. The only thing missing at the very start was a Swedish language version of the product; we were subsequently able to translate the system into Swedish, or maybe Swedlish is a more accurate phrase as some elements we choose to have displayed in English.

Nearly five years on, I can safely say Optimus have delivered exceptionally well for my business, our profitability and performance has never been better”. With that in mind, here are some key metrics to consider. 

Turnover in the last 3 years alone, has increased from 32 to 42 Million Swedish Krona (SEK) with profitability up by 5%

The comprehensive use of Optimus Purchasing and Stock modules have ensured greatly improved planning and visibility of stock; which has dramatically decreased unwanted storage costs, potential material damage and last minute courier costs.

We now also reconcile our purchases through Optimus which results in at least 5 purchase orders a week being rejected for inaccuracies, not sure what the true cost is; but without it we would be consistently overcharged.

With Optimus now, we plan so much better and don’t always wait to the last minute to print the job. We have a visual opportunity to do “what if scenarios” which definitely helps us save money and resources.

The immediacy of the Optimus Job system gives my business the opportunity to be proactive and very accurate with our predictions; and therefore better able to manage expectations. Early warnings of potential production problems are flagged well in advance.

In a recent time and motion study with one particular frequent customer, we concluded that on average since introducing Optimus, a saving of approximately 20 minutes per order had been made. We had produced 203 jobs for this customer in the last six months; this equated to a saving of 68 working hours. Based on using a cost average of 280 SEK an hour means a saving of almost 20,000 SEK every six months.

With Estimates and Tenders, we don’t recognise ourselves now. We produce up to 4500 orders a year and our ability to create the appropriate amount of estimates and automate accurate and consistent job bags I would conservatively say is twice as good. Even if we saved 3 minutes per estimate, the savings are substantial.

My initial investment in Software, Hardware and Services I am sure was paid for easily within 12 months. We are now in a situation where we just make more and more marginal gains improving the efficiencies and bottom line of my business.


Hellke states, “I have always stated to Steve Richardson Sales Director at Optimus, that anyone is welcome to talk to call me or potentially visit to see our Storbildsbolaget Optimus dash MIS system in operation; we passionately believe in what we do and the processes in place are solid and sustainable, we are happy to share what we know, if and when we can.

We also know the Optimus dash MIS caters for a much broader reach of all aspects of the Print and Graphic Arts industry and can be configured to suit, so it is especially good for companies with different and varied manufacturing capability.”

In summary, the simplest thing I can say in relation to my aspirations is that I now have it! All that we aspired to do; we now have in place including a bespoke link to Visma our Swedish accounts package of choice. In 2017, further expansion of the Optimus dash system is being considered for web2print and courier company integration”.

Hellke states, “given that Optimus are a UK based company but with global reach, I would say categorically to anyone considering investing in MIS within the UK who have doubts about the suitability specific to Wide Format production, think again; the Optimus dash MIS really works for our industry. It is now an essential tool for me and has been a game changer in continuing to help me drive my business forward; and I look forward to many more continued years of working with Optimus as a key strategic partner.


For more information please visit: or contact Jonas directly


For Optimus please visit:

Article courtesy of February 2017



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